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Beyond Differences & Diagnoses


Beyond Differences & Diagnoses is based on the fully inclusive program model found at the Creative Pre-School in Tallahassee, Florida. It is the underpinning for both the Beyond Centers & Circle Time and Beyond Cribs & Rattles curricula.


The Creative Pre-School opened on April 1, 1973 and has been continuously accredited since 1989. The program serves families with children of different races, cultures, religions, and socioeconomic levels from infancy through kindergarten. Children with disabilities, children at risk, and children with developmental delays learn, grow, and develop beside their typically developing peers. Creative has always included children with disabilities. When Creative first opened its doors over forty years ago, it was unheard of for therapies and special equipment to be offered within an early childhood program. Being morally and ethically driven to do the right thing, the Creative staff lovingly accepted children with varying disabilities and treated them just as children. This model continues today.


What ALL young children need are daily opportunities to engage in positive social-emotional, cognitive, and physical activities that will provide developmentally appropriate stimulation.


The Creative Pre-School program was one of the six exemplary programs chosen for national recognition by the Ohio Early Childhood Special Education Program Design (EC-SPEED) project. Its developmentally appropriate, play-based early intervention program for children with and without disabilities continues to be recognized and used for training throughout the country. Beyond Differences & Diagnoses offers a thorough description of the Creative model, its philosophy and program characteristics.

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