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Beyond Centers & Circle Time Curriculum

"Beyond expectations!


This play based curriculum allows the child to grow and learn to their fullest potential through a planned and organized environment."


—Child Care Director


3 Year-Old and Pre-K Curriculum

Beyond Centers & Circle Time focuses on creating intentional, developmentally appropriate experiences for children ages three through kindergarten. This curriculum supports early learning and developmental standards found all over the nation. Beyond Centers & Circle Time: Scaffolding and Assessing the Play of Young Children emphasizes the following:

  • How to scaffold the environment, which includes the use and
    purchase of play materials as well as the organization of
    play spaces.

  • How to scaffold the pre-play experiences.

  • How to scaffold the development of the individual child
    through an understanding of the stages of sensorimotor,
    construction, and dramatic play.

  • How to scaffold the post-play experiences.


Programs planned for pre-school children must provide developmentally appropriate experiences and be led by knowledgeable adults who understand how well-planned quality early experiences contribute to a child’s life success. Beyond Centers and Circle Time is a curriculum that provides adults working in early education and care settings with knowledge that will enable them to arrange rich play experiences, assess children’s play behaviors, and scaffold each child’s development from the sensorimotor behaviors we typically see in infants and young toddlers to the ability to create realistic representations and engage in cooperative symbolic (dramatic) play scenarios.



Please note: Programs choosing to use the BCCT Curriculum most supplement the BCCT Assessment tools with the VPK Assessment provided by the Office of Early Learning at:

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